Private shows/Gaming parties | Theatres of Georgetown | Kentucky

Private shows/Gaming parties

We have two different movie packages. The first one is for retro movie titles that we are offering, the cost starts at $99.00 for up to 20 people.  If there are over 20, it us $5 per person up the the max number for the theatre. 
If it is a current title, the cost starts at $159.00** for up to 20 people.  If there are over 20, it is $8.00** per person up to the max number for the theatre.  Concessions are separate. No outside food or drink allowed.  Once it has been scheduled payment would need to be made within 48 hours.
For current RETRO titles we are offering, email us at
The gaming night is very new to us, we are offering three hours of gaming for $99 there is a maximum number of 10 people allowed for this. You supply your gaming system and everything needed and we supply the theater and connect your system to our projector. The system has to be compatible and able to connect using an HDMI cable.  Form and payment or same as stated above.  We do follow the same rules for gaming as we do movies as far as appropriate content and age.
Concessions are separate, no outside food or drink is permitted.
** Some Dates and times may not be available.  Price could change, depending of film compamies' policies.